MRC Censorship Investigation Project

MRC's team of legal experts investigates and exposes censorship and collusion between the government, legacy media and Big Tech. Using a full arsenal of investigative tools (e.g., FOIA, public records requests, forensic examinations, undercover operations, and on-the-record interviews), this team reveals the truths the left suppresses from the public.

The team has uncovered the Biden administration's scheme to use anti-terrorism funds to silence conservatives, State Department programs to ban conservatives from American classrooms, and the coordination between George Soros-backed district attorneys and far left activist groups.

The MRC Censorship Investigation Project is part of MRC's “Tell the Truth! 2024” campaign, which sheds light on the leftist media's agenda to “fundamentally transform” our nation and silence conservative voices by utilizing tactics such as anti-Americanism, online censorship, and election interference.

Our FOIA investigations are producing tangible and much-needed results, but it takes massive resources to do the necessary work. We urgently need to continue and expand the program.