Damage Done: Media Misinformation on Vaccines Helps Cause Whooping Cough Resurgence

When a credulous press hypes a phony controversy, the fallout can be all too real.

NBC News Shows Young Teacher Touching 'Third Rail' Complaining About Union Rules

Network airs taboo talk from frustrated educator.

CNN's Yellin Leans Against Fiorina, Labels Anti-Boxer Ad 'Mean'

On Monday's Rick's List, CNN's Jessica Yellin leaned against California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina as she compared one of her ads against that of her opponent, Senator Barbara ...

On ABC, Bob Woodward Sympathizes With 'Intellectual' Obama and His 'Internal Struggle'

According to Bob Woodward, Barack Obama is an "intellectual" who has agonized over Afghanistan. The Washington Post author appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday and touted his new book, ...

Spinning for the 'Revived' Lisa Murkowski Candidacy on the Front Page

A thin front-page story spun hard for moderate Republican Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign to retain her Alaska Senate seat: "So why do plenty of people here, from analysts to many rank-and-file ...

Times Devotes Entire Editorial Page to Attacking 'Pledge to America'

Is the Times scared? "The pledge takes the country backward - a place no one should want to go."

Video Flashback: In 2008, CNNers Derided Eliot Spitzer as 'Self-Righteous' 'Narcissist'

Monday brings the debut of CNN's 8pm ET "Parker Spitzer," co-hosted by the ex-Democratic Governor of New York who resigned in disgrace two years ago. As a reality check on CNN's effort to ...

Oliver Stone Not Leftist Enough for Economics Writer Joe Nocera

"The greed that Mr. Stone so vividly conveyed in his first 'Wall Street' movie got completely out of hand. Much of the trading that went on in the prelude to the crisis was almost nihilistic, ...

Sawyer and Woodward in Awe of Obama Protecting Nation, Fret He's Saddled by Bush's Malfeasance

Acting as if President Barack Obama is uniquely burdened by the responsibility of protecting the nation from a terrorist attack, Diane Sawyer and Bob Woodward marveled at how he's taken on the job ...

USA Today Disappointed Abortion Pill Not as Popular as Expected

At 10-year anniversary, 'little white bombshell' hasn't lived up to the hype.