HuffPo's New Travel Section Another Spot for Liberal Agenda

Left-wing blog uses new travel page to defend Obama from vacation criticism.

Salon Writer Wants More Abortion on TV

Liberal web magazine calls lack of abortion of TV 'insane,' defends controversial 'Family Guy' abortion episode

NAACP's Attack on 'Racist' Tea Party Revives its Relevancy, According to Media

Reporters continue to perpetuate unfounded claims of Tea Party racism.

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Gushingly Admits: Joe Biden Is 'Our Guy,' Also, 'I Love Him'

"Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski began Monday's show by gushing over Joe Biden, enthusing that the Vice President is "our guy." She also rhapsodized, "I love him" [MP3 audio available here]. ...

Media Liberals on 'JournoList' Plotted to Bury the Jeremiah Wright Story

The Daily Caller website exposed a conversation on the JournoList e-mails on Tuesday showing how much liberal scribes wanted the Jeremiah Wright story to be dead and buried in the spring of 2008.

CBS Celebrates: Democrats 'Won A Major Battle' On Unemployment Benefits

After the network pushed Congress for weeks to extend unemployment benefits, CBS's Early Show cheered the expected passage of the legislation on Tuesday. Co-host Harry Smith noted how Democrats ...

ABC's Claire Shipman Laments Lack of Political Will to Extend Unemployment Benefits Beyond 99 Weeks

Good Morning America's Claire Shipman on Tuesday delivered a one-sided report on unemployment benefits and the fact that they end after 99 weeks. Reporting on those who have reached the limit, the ...

Today Show Highlights Sarah Palin's 'Refudiate,' Skipped Biden Gaffe

NBC's Peter Alexander, on Tuesday's Today show, mocked Sarah Palin for making up a word, 'refudiate' in her tweets about the Ground Zero mosque controversy. However when Joe Biden, the gaffe ...

Matt Lauer Turns Into Deficit Hawk, Asks Gingrich About 'Funny Math'

NBC's Matt Lauer, suddenly turned into a deficit hawk, when he invited on Newt Gingrich on Tuesday's Today show, to discuss the GOP's refusal to extend unemployment benefits without paying for ...

NPR Mourns Global Cooler-Turned-Global Warmer Scientist

IPCC climate scientist Stephen Schneider remembered on 'All Things Considered' by controversial Obama science adviser John Holdren.