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Feminist Media Champion New Cause: ‘Orgasm Equality’!

‘Orgasm equality’ is the new feminist cause.
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Mr. T Gives Testimony to Christianity, Family

HuffPost Live surprisingly airs ringing endorsement of conservative values.
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The Climate Conference Networks Hardly Acknowledge

Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change is June 11-12.
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Media Abstain from Reporting CDC Abstinence Change

Abstinence ‘most reliable’ means of avoiding STDs.
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Networks Treat ‘Ice Age’ and Cooling Concerns As Punchlines, Not Possibilities

ABC, CBS, NBC news programs ignore scientists and studies warning of potential cooling threat.
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Billboard Scoffs at Country Music’s Traditional Values

Kacey Musgraves ‘is helping change the conversation.’
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Elizabeth Banks: Birth Control My ‘Number One Advice’ for High School Girls

Actress offers some unique advice to girls.
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NY Times: Transgender Kids’ Lit ‘Part of Fabric of Who We Are’

Gray Lady welcomes trans titles for children.
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A Week of ‘Caitlyn’ Swoon: 51 Network Minutes and Gallons of Purple Ink

To media, reality denying is ‘life-affirming.’