Time Blames GOP Filibuster for Cap-and-Trade's Death

Eulogizing emissions bill, Ecocentric blogger Walsh blames 'abused,' not excess costs or expert dissent.

CBS Points out Obama Flip Flop on Paying for Benefits

Mark Knoller reminds readers that Obama touted the fiscal responsibility in paying for unemployment extension in November 2009.

Times Leads With Rangel's Ethics Woes; Is His Career End Still 'Greatly Exaggerated'?

This headline over a June 7 front-page Times story won't age well after a House panel announces it will investigate a range of ethics charges against veteran Democrat Charles Rangel: "The End for ...

HuffPo Gets Religion Wrong Again

Presents view of liberal Christianity that, not surprisingly, isn't Christianity at all.

The View's Hasselbeck Grills Sherrod over 'Racial' Statements in NAACP Tape

Co-Host Behar says George Bush 'didn't give a damn about poor people.'

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Bringing the Bias to Prime Time

Rick Sanchez, who hosts his Rick's List program for two hours during the afternoon on CNN, will be taking on the network's 8 pm Eastern hour slot for several weeks between Campbell Brown's ...

Time vs Politico: Halperin Rebukes VandeHei for Characterizing GOP Group as 'Shadowy'

On the June 21 "Morning Joe," Time magazine's Mark Halperin challenged VandeHei's characterization of American Crossroads GPS, a Republican political organization that finances issue ads designed ...

Egan on 'Extreme Politician,' 'Laughable Fool' Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma

Reporter turned blogger Timothy Egan mocks Sen. James Inhofe for his global warming denialism and for using weather news as predictive of long-term climate trends. But the New York Times has a ...

George Stephanopoulos Lobbies for Reconciliation Between Obama and Sherrod

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday lobbied Shirley Sherrod to agree that Barack Obama is trying to improve race relations. The fired USDA employee first asserted she needed ...

Bashing Breitbart: CNN's Anderson Cooper Admonishes Conservative 'Weasel' and 'Bully'

An indignant Anderson Cooper railed against Andrew Breitbart with an uncharacteristic angry commentary at the top of his eponymous CNN program yesterday, calling the conservative activist a ...