HuffPo Blogger Claims 'Working Class Got Brainwashed'

Myriam Miedzian struggles to understand why many who aren't rich want to maintain Bush tax cuts for upper income earners.

Robin Roberts Grills Carly Fiorina on 'Too Extreme' Sarah Palin

Apparently one of the most pressing issues in the California senatorial race is whether or not Sarah Palin is "too extreme." Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Friday pressed Carly Fiorina ...

Carl Hulse on GOP Candidates With 'a Very Conservative if Not Extreme Agenda'

Congressional reporter Carl Hulse has some chuckles at the expense of "extreme" Republican candidates: I thought what [the Times pollster] said was interesting about voters being willing to vote ...

More Texas Slant From James McKinley, Pitting Angry Conservatives Against a Working-Class Hero Dem

While one candidate was described in flattering fashion as a Democrat from the working-class streets of south San Antonio speaking to voters in flawless Spanish, his Republican opponent was seen ...

The NY Times Comes In Praise of Obama, 'Pragmatic...Open-minded' 'Philosopher President'

New York Times Arts reporter Patricia Cohen paused her patrolling of the intolerant conservative intellectual beat to flatter Obama the "" intellectual president: "[Harvard ...

Ladies of 'The Talk' Deem Sarah Palin 'Ignorant' but 'Hot'

Co-hosts of the new CBS talk show can be added to the list of Palin persecutors.

Feminists Slam Gawker For Publishing Anonymous O'Donnell Sex Story

NOW calls the sleazy article 'public sexual harassment.'

CMI Special Analysis: Media Help Flailing Liberals Spread Message on Abortion, Gay Rights

In run-up to midterms, desperate lib candidates focus on divisive social issues – and media lend a helping hand.

DeMint: Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman Caucusing with GOP for Control of Senate 'Possible'

U.S. Senator tells CNBC's 'The Kudlow Report' viewers Nelson will have to switch parties to win re-election and Lieberman may be 'more comfortable' with Republicans.

Mitchell Tags Toomey as 'Conservative' Four Times in 50 Seconds, Leaves Sestak Unlabeled

In the span of a mere 50 seconds on Thursday's NBC Nightly News, Andrea Mitchell managed to apply a conservative ideological tag four times to Pat Toomey, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate ...