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'60 Minutes' Refuels Coal Ash Attacks, Omit Government Culpability

Leslie Stahl questions 'industry' disposal methods when state and federal regulations govern coal ash.

Extreme Weather Again Excites Extreme Greens on the Front Page of the Times

Global-warming skeptics appeared briefly in paragraph 16 and were followed immediately with rebuttal by reporter Justin Gillis.

Networks Still MIA on Ground Zero Mosque Funding, Radical Ties

In wake of Obama's mosque support, networks say opposition stems from 'Islamophobia' and disrespect for Constitution

Amanpour's Panel Hails Obama's 'Courage,' 'Leadership' and 'Great Global Message' on Mosque

President Obama's endorsement of building a mosque near Ground Zero has driven the establishment press corps to find nobility in pursuing conviction even in the face of public opposition, not ...

Reader Scolds Washington Post: There Are No 'Liberals' on the Supreme Court

Crazies on the left allow journalists to see themselves as under siege from both sides of the spectrum, and thus must be playing it down the middle. To wit: Saturday's Washington Post carried a ...

Time Mag's Klein Goes from Bush Delivering 'Coolest Presidential Image' to 'Juvenile' Stunt

On August 2, Time's Joe Klein fretted Obama's Iraq speech "will not be remembered as vividly as George Bush's juvenile march across the deck of an aircraft carrier," but back when Bush's USS ...

Todd Purdum Pans 'Perverse Rituals' and 'Profound Silliness' of the Adversary Press

The former New York Times White House correspondent of the Clinton era thinks his successors in the Obama era are making a mess of the press.

GMA Ignores Parents' Responsibility for Flying Kids

Morning show blames airline industry, kids for unaccompanied flight to Nashville.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Highlights Two Conservative News Agenda Items, Briefly

ABC News producers on Thursday night managed to sneak, into the script read by World News fill-in anchor George Stephanopoulos ' ever so briefly ' two news items from a conservative news agenda ...

Missing Parents: Media Continue Claiming Kids the Ones Buying Fast Food

USA Today cites data on 'each kid who buys a kids meal' when parents are usually making the purchase.