CBS 'Early Show' Promotes Levi Johnston Pitch for Reality Show

Teasing an upcoming story in the 7:30AM ET half hour on Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith cheerfully promoted Levi Johnston's pitch for a reality show in Alaska: "He's going to star in ...

More Flimflammery from Pompous Paul Krugman: No 'Ad Hominem' Attacks Here!

Krugman has an announcement for his credulous Times readers: Constantly (and embarrassingly) calling a serious conservative politician a "flimflam" man is not an ad hominem attack; accurately ...

CNN's Fareed Zakaria Returns ADL Award in Protest to Position on Ground Zero Mosque

At the top of his eponymous program on Sunday, CNN's Fareed Zakaria took drastic action to protest the Anti-Defamation League's opposition to the proposed Ground Zero mosque. Zakaria, who was ...

New film Relies On Michael Moore-like Graphics Vilifying CEOs, Investors, Wall Street

Will Ferrell movie 'The Other Guys' latest Hollywood attack on business.

Ground Zero Mosque Backlash a Symptom of Economy Says Think Progress Blogger

Former JournoList member Matt Yglesias psychoanalyzes conservatives to declare positions can only be rationalized in a bad economy.

CBS's Blackstone: Immigration Debate 'Boiling Over,' 'Often-Angry'

In a report on Arizona's immigration law for CBS's Sunday Morning, correspondent John Blackstone declared: "In the heat of the Arizona summer, America's long-simmering immigration debate is ...

The Radical Professors and Left-Wing Extremists of JournoList

Reporters, editors, joined by anti-conservative voices on e-mail listserv.

Newsweek, Time Praise 'Moderate' Imam Behind Mosque Despite Questionable Ties

Media still ignore legitimate concerns over Islamic building plans near Ground Zero.

HuffPo Columnist Celebrates 'Slow, Whining Death' of Christianity

British writer attacks 'weak,' 'cruel' religion, calls for end to government support.

Duplicitous ABC Advances Obama's Big Spending College Graduation Agenda

ABC on Monday night delivered an even shoddier than usual piece of advocacy for President Barack Obama in the guise of a news story, duplicity which started with fill-in anchor George ...