WaPo Religion Blog Says Biblical Morality 'Illegitimate' on Gay Agenda

Atheist blogger casts Prop. 8 controversy as conflict between Good Book, Bill of Rights

Flashback: Media that Praises Ground Zero Mosque Same Ones that Called Virginia Terrorist Mosque 'Moderate'

Washington Post even gave Al Qaeda cleric 'religious advice column' during tenure as Virginia imam.

ABC and NBC Refuse to Identify Corrupt Rostenkowski as a Democrat

Dan Rostenkowski (?-Ill), 1928-2010. Reporting the passing of Dan Rostenkowski, the ABC and NBC anchors on Wednesday night noted his ignominious departure from public life while also including a ...

NBC's Chuck Todd on Hardball Ponders: Is Ken Buck, 'Sharron Angle in Drag?'

NBC's chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd, substitute hosting for Chris Matthews, on Wednesday's Hardball, managed to question the political viability of two Republican candidates in one ...

CNN's Cafferty Takes 'Moron' GOP Candidate's Comment Out of Context

On Wednesday's Situation Room, CNN's Jack Cafferty, following the lead of NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, didn't provide the context of a remark made by Republican Senate candidate in Colorado Ken Buck, ...

CBS: Charlie Rangel Made 'Emotional and Raw Defense' on House Floor

In a sympathetic story devoid of critics on Tuesday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Wyatt Andrews described Congressman Charles Rangel's rant over being charged with numerous ethics violations ...

Social Security: Government 'Ponzi' Scheme Turns 75 with $41 Billion Shortfall

Social Security with its 'trust fund' of IOUs is in serious fiscal trouble, but you wouldn't guess it from the mainstream news media.

Holy Sacred Cows! USA Today Reporter Takes on GSEs

Paul Wiseman breaks media taboo and highlights GSEs as 'No.1 problem' with housing market.

NBC's O'Donnell Casts GOP Primary Winner As a Sexist

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet got his own live spot on Wednesday's Today show to make his pitch to Colorado voters, but his Republican opponent only got a brief soundbite, that came after a ...

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Hits Michelle Malkin with White House Spin on Democratic Corruption

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin made a rare appearance on Wednesday's Good Morning America and highlighted the issue of Democratic corruption. Co-host George Stephanopoulos responded to ...