Against Stubborn Facts: 9/11 'Not a Religious Event'?

Dismissing opponents as full of 'vitriol' and 'bigotry,' the Times editorializes that somehow, the Islamic extremists were committing a secular crime, regardless of their stated intentions.

HuffPo Publishes Porn Star's Tweets Claiming 'Role Model' Status

Montana Fishburne reportedly calls college a waste of time, blames society for her status.

MSNBC Contributor: 14th Amendment Debate about Eugenics, Xenophobia

'Countdown' guest and The Nation columnist suggests constitutional debate about creating a genetic test for citizenship.

FNC Notices Americans More Positive Toward Tea Party Than Toward Pelosi or Reid

In FNC's "Grapevine" segment Thursday night, Shannon Bream highlighted a finding in the latest NBC poll which NBC's Chuck Todd failed to point out. Bream observed: "A new poll suggests Americans ...

Jon Stewart Hoodwinked by Liberal Myth: 'You Can't Be Pro-Tax Cut and Anti-Deficit'

Comedy Central host mocks Republicans for being against allowing Bush tax cuts to expire and anti-deficit at the same time.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Baffled by Wall Street's Anti-Obama Sentiment: The President 'Has Not Done' Much to Business

During Morning Joe on Thursday, MSNBC's Chuck Todd appeared baffled by a discussion of negative feelings directed towards Barack Obama from Wall Street. The confused journalist wondered, "Look, at ...

CNN's Sanchez: Reid's Racist Gaffe Emblematic of Angle's Incompetence

Discussing Harry Reid's racially-charged comment about Hispanic Republicans, Rick Sanchez miraculously managed to turn the embattled senator's gaffe into an example of his opponent Sharron Angle's ...

George Stephanopoulos Touts Obama's Liberal Achievements: 'What More Could the President Have Done?'

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Thursday interviewed liberal Congressman Dennis Kucinich and defended Barack Obama's left-wing achievements. Stephanopoulos touted, "Congressman, ... Comes to the Rescue of Public Sector Unions

Reporter Rich Blake hints at 'new fat cats' but gives soapbox to union representatives to rebut 'unfounded' charges.