Fareed Zakaria: 'Centrist Voice' and 'Spokesman for a Post-American World'?

From the insular liberal media world, David Carr reported that the "centrist voice" of Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria was jumping to Time magazine - even as Zakaria feistily returned a prize to the ...

Lauer to Giuliani: Some Say Mosque Protestors Were Ones That Added 'Vitriol' to the Debate

NBC's Matt Lauer invited on Rudy Giuliani to discuss the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque with the former New York City mayor diplomatically addressing most of the religious freedom ...

Russell Simmons on CNN: Christians Bombed the WTC in 1993?

Russell Simmons, founder of the hip-hop label Def Jam, bizarrely and inaccurately claimed during an interview on Wednesday's Larry King Live on CNN that the perpetrators behind the first World ...

No Talk of the Poor or Unemployed As 'The Six-Figure Fish Tank Catches On'

In today's recession, the Times highlights the "wow factor" of high-end aquariums without flinching into an outburst of decrying "conspicuous consumption."

Rick Sanchez: CNN is 'Middle'; Fox News 'Way, Way, Way to the Right'

On Wednesday's Rick's List, CNN's Rick Sanchez returned to his obsession with Fox News, stating that the network "obviously tends to lean way, way, way to the right." He did acknowledge this his ...

Randi Rhodes: Indicted Senate Dem Hopeful Alvin Greene 'Still Better than Jim DeMint'

Lib talker says not giving to candidate facing obscenity charges 'wrong' since Koch Industries and NewsCorp gave to Republican Governors Association.

AP Orders Staff: 'Stop Using the Phrase Ground Zero Mosque'

News service issues memo to 'fact-check' Republicans who are 'demonizing' Islamic Center.

This Time Weigel Compares Right to Czars Who Butchered Jews

One-time 'conservative beat' blogger for the Washington Post is still sliming the right.

CBS's 'Good Wife' to Show 'First Oral Sex Scene on Network TV'

Actress freaks out after reporter asks question about racy episode.

Newsweek Ranks U.S. the 11th 'Best Country' - Bush's Fault, But Obama Can Stem the Slide

Newsweek, recently sold for one dollar by the Washington Post Company but still in its hands, ranked the United States 11th, just behind Denmark, in this week's "The Best Countries in the World" ...