Media Reality Check

Occasional reports and mini-studies documenting distorted coverage and/or media omissions.

Election Triumph Belies Network Naysayers

Strong Turnout by Iraqi Voters and Relative Calm Contradict Many Journalists' Pessimistic Predictions

Morning Shows Give Short Shrift to CBS Hoax

Overnight, CBS's Dan Rather Fiasco Goes From Big Story to Minimal Story on ABC, NBC, and CNN

Moyers Ends With a Silly Whimper, Not a Bang

PBS Omnipresence Retires with Ridiculous Claim that There's No Liberal Bias, Only Conservative Bias

CBS's Bias Won't End When Rather Exits

John Roberts, the Front-Runner to Take Rather's Chair, Twists News Stories to Favor a Liberal Agenda

New Anchorman, Same Old Liberal Bias

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Lionizes Liberals, Castigates Conservatives and Blames America First

Peddling a "Cure" Worse than the Disease

FMP Study: Networks Tout Alleged Harm of Global Warming But Hide Massive Costs of Kyoto Treaty

How Will Media Spin Best Pre-Election Growth in 25 Years?

Under Democrats, Slower Growth was Seen as Good News

Late Hit Proves Media's Urge to Help Kerry

Al-Qaqaa Bombshells Prove Anti-Bush Media Can't Resist Trying to "Push Undecideds the Other Way"

ABC Asks Bush How He'll Lose, Leave Iraq

Charles Gibson Devoted Half of His Presidential Interview Emphasizing the Human Costs of the War
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