Sheehan More Consistent Than Media: She Protests Bush and Obama, Media Only Bush

On a Sunday evening four summers ago the NBC Nightly News explored how Cindy Sheehan was "single-handedly bringing the Iraq debate to Mr. Bush's doorstep." But Sunday night this year, after ...

Obama "Supporters" (and Times Reporters) Compare Obama to Lincoln & FDR

Reporter Peter Baker: "President Obama had not even taken office before supporters were etching his likeness onto Mount Rushmore as another Abraham Lincoln or the second coming of Franklin D. ...

Will Nets Note Sheehan's Anti-Obama Protest?

Media Embraced Cindy Sheehan's Anti-Bush Push in 2005; ABC Anchor Now Says: "Enough Already"

Flashback: When Gibson was Enthralled by Cindy Sheehan

The Washington Examiner's Byron York blogged Thursday about how ABC anchor Charles Gibson declared "enough already" when asked about Cindy Sheehan's plan to travel to President Barack Obama's ...

CBS's Sunday Morning Airs Indictment of Media from Aunt of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

CBS gave only 13 secs Monday night to the deaths of seven soldiers in Afghanistan, but CBS's Sunday Morning should be commended for giving the aunt, of a soldier killed the same day Michael ...

Seven Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Get 1/20th Time Given to Jackson

Two days after the Washington Post carried a letter from a woman who asked "where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers" who were killed in the days after Michael Jackson died, ...

Battlin' Joe Biden Claims He Came Under Enemy Fire in Bosnia

Bosnia joins Afghanistan and Iraq among the countries in which Vice President Biden claims to have come under enemy fire.

Democrats Show 'Growing Unease' With Obama's Wars

The Times played down liberal dissent on his sudden reversal on the release of "detainee abuse" photos, but they published a whole story on liberal Democrats developing an "unease" for Obama's wars.

More Publicity for Lefty Robert Greenwald's Latest Screed

The Times touts leftist filmmaker Robert Greenwald once again, in a story about his piece-by-piece documentary arguing for withdrawal from Afghanistan.
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