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MRC President Brent Bozell to appear on FNC's Kelly File at 9:40 p.m. EST


Charlie Rose: Obama Campaign 'So Giddy That They Want to Run Naked'

Charlie Rose boosted a jaw-dropping line from Politico's Roger Simon on Friday's CBS This Morning, which concluded that the Republican presidential debates were hurting the party's chances at ...

CBS's King Goes Gaga Over Obama Family; No Questions About Lavish Expenses

Gayle King made it clear that she is in the tank for the Obama campaign on Thursday's CBS This Morning, specifically vouching that Michelle Obama apparently is "passionate," and that the First ...

CBS's Gayle King Sucks Up to Friend Michelle Obama; Lets Her Throw Race Charge

New anchor Gayle King tossed softballs at admitted friend Michelle Obama on Wednesday's CBS This Morning. King sympathized with the First Lady over how many supposedly see her. When her guest ...
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