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Networks Nearly Silent on Tea Party Anniversary

Only NBC’s ‘Today’ mentions 5 year celebration in D.C., gives 10 seconds to topic.
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To the Re-education Camp! How Dare a Straight Actor Play Transgender?

Media upset at Leto’s role. ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’
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Oscar Disconnect: Top Box Office Movies Earned 4x More than Nominated Movies

Two thirds of Americans have never even seen a 2014 Best Picture nominee.
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5 Years After: 7 Worst Media Attacks on Tea Party

Journalists call group ‘terrorists,’ ‘racist,’ murderers and more.
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‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary Rips Minimum Wage ‘Insanity’

Wealthy entrepreneur tells CNBC uncertainty over wages hurts job growth and small businesses.
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Daily Beast Dreams of Abortion Clinics in Malls, High-Schools

‘Women in the World’ features bizarre interview with abortion clinic architect.
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Threesomes and Polyamory: The Left’s Got an App for That

Makers want to remove the stigma from 'swingers.'
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Save Us. Ashley Judd in NBC Texas Church Drama

‘Salvation’ produced by former head of MTV programming.
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Farmed & Disingenuous: Chipotle’s Agribusiness Attack Upsets Farmers

CNBC’s Jim Cramer calls it ‘brilliant,’ while farmers cry foul over Hulu series’ ‘divisive propaganda.’
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Maria Bartiromo Premiers on FBN

CNBC Alumnus now hosts ‘Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo.’
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