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A Feminist’s Christmas Tale: God Raped Mary

You just can’t make this stuff up.
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BREAKING: ThinkProgress Uncovers Catholic Group Acting Catholic

Those evil Knights of Columbus actually believe that Catholic stuff!
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Associated Press, Media Analyst Call ABC Meteorologist Weather “Pornographer” for Not Hyping Climate Change Enough

Washington Post Capital Weather Gang rushes to defense of Ginger Zee after ridiculous, sexist attack.
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Merry Christmas! 5 Takeaways from Media Coverage of Christians in 2014

Gored or ignored, Christians can’t win with liberal media.
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75% of Stories Ignore Law That Might Derail Newtown Gun Suit

Networks overlook 2005 law that limits lawsuits against gun manufacturers.
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CNN Host: Islamic Creed ‘Some Terrorists Use’ Like the Lord’s Prayer

Ashleigh Banfield makes ‘a connection.’
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Why Pets Should Be Legal Citizens Too: the Voxplanation

“Questions No One Is Asking” bin.
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Top 10 Lefty and Media Attacks on Business of 2014

From attempts to shut down shopping on Black Friday, to schemes to end the U.S. coal industry, liberals and the media showed their true anti-capitalist colors this year.
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‘Do They Know It’s Christmastime?’ ACLU Stops School from Feeding African Orphans

Anti-Christian totalitarianism reaches absurd level.
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New Yorker’s ‘Climate Change” Carols: ‘Silent Night’ Cannibalism

>Christmas and global warming make liberal elites laugh.
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