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‘Bigotry Disguised as Freedom’: The LA Times, The Guardian, Daily Beast Vs. Hobby Lobby

Liberals fret over brand-new ‘rights’ while dismissing the First Amendment.
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CNBC Host Blasts Climate Activists’ ‘Rich People Argument’

Global warming activists’ arguments are for the rich and ignore harm to the poor, according to one CNBC host. CNBC “Street Signs” co-anchor Brian Sullivan said on March 21 that climate ...
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Networks Shield Government from Blame for 176 Deaths During Government Motors Ownership

GM bailout could prevent some from suing over faulty ignitions, despite media’s 98 percent blackout of government bailout.
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Elle Places NARAL President in 10 Most Powerful Women List

Calling your opponents un-American and agitating for the most extreme pro-abortion position doesn’t just get you attention of Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. It can get you props from a ...
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TIME Makes God a ‘She’ for PC History Month

Debbie Blue’s feminist fringe theology puts a dress on the Almighty.
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NOAA Scientist Disagrees with Networks’ Claim of ‘Historic’ California Drought

ABC, CBS and NBC worry over ‘worst drought on record,’ fail to mention California’s last severe drought.
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Marcotte Compares Abortion to Cavity Removal, Calls Babies ‘Time-Sucking Monsters’

Pro-lifers are ‘liars,’‘anti-choice kooks.’
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Ban ‘Bossy?’ Beyoncé Says ‘Bitch’ 9x in New Album

The Beyoncé hypocrisy shines through.
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Science Blogger Backs Prof Who Wants Climate ‘Deniers’ Tried for ‘Criminal Negligence’

Philosophy professor the latest to call for prosecution of skeptics.
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Rep. Lamar Smith: Liberal Media Bias ‘The Greatest Threat We Face in America’

Congressman addresses Internews, media bias and the FCC proposal.
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