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Flashback: Droned U.S. Citizen Once ‘Moderate Islam’s’ Media Darling

Al Awlaki was called ‘bridge-builder’ between Islam and West.
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Mika Brzezinski Rejects Financial Journalist’s Explanation of Wages

While bashing Walmart, MSNBC host asks for response from CNBC’s Brian Sullivan, scoffs at his answer.
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On JLo’s Lewd New Album, Sex isn’t Selling

‘A.K.A’ degrades men, women and music.
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‘Sister Missionary Position’: Anti-Catholicism Among March for Marriage Counter-Protesters

You meet the most ridiculous people in Washington, D.C.
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Networks Boost First Lady in ‘Food Fight’ Over School Lunches

More than 60 percent of outside experts in ABC, CBS and NBC reports argue in favor of school lunch requirements.
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Networks Cover ’22 Jump St’ More Than Twice American Teen Abducted By Islamists

Kidnapping ‘destabilized region,’ but goofy teen movie gets priority.
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IRS Promises Soros-funded Group It Will Further Regulate Nonprofits

Proposed new rules would disproportionately affect conservative groups.
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I Saw ‘Obvious Child.’ It Didn’t Help.

Infanticide doesn’t get better with context.
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Lefty ‘Parks and Rec’ Actor Schools Journos On What Bill of Rights Really Means

Playing to his audience: Gun control, gay marriage and Fox jokes.
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Conservative Author Launches Biting Graphic Novel on New Deal

Amity Shlaes continues to refute FDR’s legacy, urges conservatives to embrace new medium.
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