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Media, Planned Parenthood Share ‘Birth Control Song’

Bedsider hosts second annual birth control day.
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Lib Bloggers Defend Springsteen’s Anti-War, Anti-Military Songs at Vet’s Day Concert

Unhappy veterans just in denial of their victimhood.
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Former Purity Ring-Wearer Jonas: ‘Sex an Important Part of a Healthy Life’

We get it Nick, you’re all grown up now.
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HuffPo Writer: GOP Won by ‘Treason’

Disagree with liberalism? Traitor!
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Columnist, NARAL Tweet ‘Flag of Reproductive Freedom’

Connie Schultz reinvents the flag in her own image.
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War On What? ‘Friends’ Actress Dumbfounded When Maher Asks About ‘War on Women’

Liberal host’s question met with crickets and a blank stare.  
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15 Most Touching Pictures of Veterans

Military Photos on Pinterest.
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Chevron Attacker Still the Hero in Rolling Stone Hit Job

Liberal ‘journalist’ glosses over ghostwritten scientific reports, court rulings, RICO case and bribery to blast oil company.
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Veterans Recall: Chaplain Sacrificed Life for Fellow Marines

Fr. Vincent Capodanno died serving U.S. Marines in Vietnam.
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‘Fox & Friends’ Calls Salon’s Attack on U.S. Military ‘Despicable’

Vile op-ed draws anger from viewers, hosts.
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