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‘Hulk’ Mark Ruffalo: ‘I Get Angry’ that There is a Debate Over Climate Change

Actor and director bellows against climate skepticism, fracking, sets 100 percent renewable energy goal by 2050.
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Airbrushing Hackery: Maryland’s Mosby Makes Women’s Mag Rounds

'If anyone is qualified to comment on issues of race, urban violence, and policing …'
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Perez Hilton to Play Raunchy Dad in Full House Parody

Promises ‘ridiculous, naughty fun’.
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Networks Ignore SCOTUS Rule Against Government Raisin Robbery

Supreme Court rules against the USDA in favor of farmers who refused to surrender their crops without compensation.
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NYT Promotes Study Labeling Charleston Shooting ‘Right-Wing’ Terrorism

White supremacist groups make up the ‘right-wing’ according to the paper.
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Megyn Kelly to Partner with Kevin Spacey on New Show

Beltway drama will be cross between House of Cards and Downton Abbey.
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Roman Holiday: Media Ignore Massive Italian Traditional Marriage March, Hype Smaller Gay Parades

CNN, ABC, USA Today all covered Tel Avive pride parade.
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Bill Maher Berates Undergrad Trying to PC-ify Humor

Comedian pokes fun at student’s arrogant letter to Jerry Seinfeld.
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Washington Post Finds Environmentalism Sabotaged Recycling

Green push has caused ‘recycling stream’ to become ‘polluted and less valuable.’
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How We Got Here: Media Have Sold America Gay ‘Marriage’

Lopsided coverage and demonizing traditional advocates have helped make marriage meaningless.
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