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Stewart Bashes Police, Praises Rams for ‘Social Awareness’ Gesture

No nuance in Stewart’s analysis of the player’s protest.
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Only 'GMA' Notes End of 'Weak' Hurricane Season

Nine years without a major Atlantic hurricane hitting land noted by Washington Post, but two networks silent.
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Nets Cover Mike Brown Death 23X More than the 130 Killed in Chicago

Massive violence in the Windy City doesn’t fit liberal narrative.
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AlterNet: Cruz Courts ‘Pro-Israel Extremists,’ But Radical Liberal Donors No Problem

Religious leaders, entrepreneurs and Holocaust survivors portrayed as radicals.
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Disney.Com Censors the Word ‘God’; Considers it a Profanity

Blocks 10-year-old girl’s post until ‘God’ is removed.
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National Debt Passes 18 Trillion, Nets Ignore

Debt increased more than $7 trillion under Obama presidency.
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Judge Napolitano Calls out Stewart’s Hypocrisy on ‘Daily Show’

Lefty host doesn't get away with this one.
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NFL’s Watt: Cops, Firemen Never Get ‘Enough Thanks’

Forget the Rams stunt, this Texan does credit to pro football.
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The 7 Dumbest Things Chris Rock Told Vulture Magazine Yesterday

The black comic used the Ferguson situation to chime in on race and Republicans.
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