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CBS Highlights Liberals vs. Conservative 10-1 as Graduation Speakers

CBS seems to think conservatives don't have wisdom to impart.
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James Woods Calls Out ‘Corporate Scum’ PacSun on Flag Tees

Teen retailer pulls anti-American shirt amid backlash.
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NY Times Op-ed Lays Guilt Trip on Los Angeles for Climate ‘Sins’

Angeleno Héctor Tobar says California’s ‘endless summer is our punishment’ for freeways and gas-guzzling.
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Houston Chronicle Fib: Ted Cruz Says Dems Forcing ‘All Americans’ into Gay Marriage

Reporter Twists Ted, sorta kinda retracts.
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Two Gender Bending Reality Shows to Air this Summer

Shows say more about atrocious parenting than gender identity.
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Gov. Chris Christie Blames Obama Policies for Middle Class ‘Getting Nowhere’

New Jersey Republican emphasizes economic growth, entitlement reform and national defense in CNBC interview.
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HuffPo’s ‘Cliteracy’ Project: Praising the Clitoris and Little Girl Masturbation

HuffPo makes the clitorus at priority. Really.
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Modern Family’s ‘Cam Tucker’ Claims to have the Pope’s Vote

Vatican comments twisted again to favor gay agenda.
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Liberals Desecrate Old Glory; Networks Silent

This Memorial Day, ABC, CBS and NBC probably won’t talk about lefties defiling the flag so many died for.  
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Liberal Billionaire Steyer, Univision Also In Bed With Clinton Foundation

Joint Initiative between Clinton Foundation and Next Generation links multiple liberal donors and media figures. 
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