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Adorable! Chris Pratt Teaches 2-Year-Old Son Pledge of Allegiance

Actor teaches his son the pledge for Memorial Day.
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Waste Management CEO: Recycling Unprofitable, So ‘People Don’t Invest’

Executive tells CNBC WM halted investment in recycling two year ago.
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Actress Tells Teens She’s ‘Eternally Grateful’ for Planned Parenthood

Teen Vogue pushes abortion mill to readers.
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NBC ‘Sports’ Helps Bully Clemson Coach Out of Family Group Appearance

What’s helping broken families compared to running afoul of the LGBT agenda?
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Game of Thrones Books Boast 4 Times More Rape than TV Show

Tumblr user discovers vile show could be … a lot more vile.
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MSNBC, HuffPo, Other Media Link Texas Floods to Climate Change

 Outlets use tragedy to promote idea that global warming causes more ‘extreme weather.’
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Tom Steyer Tells PBS He’s ‘David’ Standing Against Koch ‘Goliath’

Liberal donor Steyer considers his $74 million in donations are only ‘five rocks and a sling.”
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Abortion Worker ‘Proud’ of Job Where ‘Tiny Arms and Legs’ Float in ‘Baking Pans’

Salon provides a platform for abortion worker’s story.
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‘How Many Times’ will Lewd Rap Songs be Popular?

Billboard's new filth-filled hit.
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Broadway Playwright: God is ‘Jealous, Vindictive, Self-Defeating’

Smug lefty writer enthralls smug HuffPo Live lefties with smug lefty take on religion.
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