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FLOTUS in the Fish Eye Lens: Obama Already Done 38% More TV than Bush

With 126 appearances to Laura's 78, TV can't get enough of Michelle.
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MSNBC’s Carmon Asks Miss Piggy: ‘Are You Pro-Choice?’

Miss Piggy is a pro.  
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Ammosexual: (n.) Liberal Slur for 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts

Alternet rags on celebrities with any conservative streak.
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On Belfast Gay Cake, Patrick Stewart takes “Side of the Bakers’

Behold: a liberal being … liberal!
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Sally Kohn: ‘I Want My Daughter to Copy the Caitlyn Jenner Model of Femininity’

Parents should encourage kids to ‘Be more like Caitlyn Jenner.’
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‘They Hate Texas,’ CNBC Contributor Says of New York Times

Former Dallas Fed president says Times article critical of Texas written out of ‘jealousy.’
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Daily Beast Celebrates ‘Triumph’ of Soccer’s ‘Samoan Caitlyn’

Being uncomfortable with transgenderism is ‘sexual bigotry.’
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MSNBC Panel: Using ‘Women’ in Abortion Language ‘Excludes Trans Men’

Really. Someone said that. On TV.
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WaPo: A Woman won the 1976 Men’s Decathlon

Post article advocates for full memory scrub for Jenner.
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Ebony Editor: Being ‘Bus Driver’, or ‘Black Person’ ‘More Dangerous" than Being a Cop

Larry Wilmore roundtable guests make ridiculous assertions about police brutality.
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