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Miley Cyrus Launches LGBT Instagram Campaign

... with all her trademark class.
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Sununu Hits Back at Climate Alarmism on HuffPost Live

Former governor and Bush staffer cites warming ‘pause,’ and string of failed alarmist predictions.
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Dancer Strictly Against Same Sex Show Pairings

James Jordan doesn’t want to ‘change everything because it’s PC.’
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What the Media Won’t Tell You about the Pride Parade

‘No H8’ right? Think again …
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Newsweek Writer Hits Medical Group With Opinion Labeled As News

American Board of Internal Medicine calls out columnist for ‘erroneous reporting’ and failing to disclose wife’s profession.
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Comedians Maher and Ross Support Seinfeld on ‘PC’

Agree libs should stop ‘taking themselves so seriously.’
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Pope’s Climate Encyclical Lands On Original Date of Eco-Concert

Vatican to release letter on climate June 18, same day as Live Earth concert originally planned. 
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Media Doesn’t Like McKesson Called ‘Professional Protestor’

Parachuting activist blames racism for title.
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US Government Gives $82.7 Million to Liberal Tides Organizations

Government funneling grants to progressive causes through liberal nonprofit. 
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