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Modern Family’s ‘Cam Tucker’ Claims to have the Pope’s Vote

Vatican comments twisted again to favor gay agenda.
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Liberals Desecrate Old Glory; Networks Silent

This Memorial Day, ABC, CBS and NBC probably won’t talk about lefties defiling the flag so many died for.  
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Liberal Billionaire Steyer, Univision Also In Bed With Clinton Foundation

Joint Initiative between Clinton Foundation and Next Generation links multiple liberal donors and media figures. 
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CKE Restaurants CEO Says Media Unfairly Attacked Gov. Walker’s Job Policies

Wisconsin under Walker has done ‘better than probably any state,’ Andrew Puzder tells CNBC.
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Anti-Christian Bigot and Bully Dan Savage Talks up Being ‘Kind, considerate.’

In Newsweek, $1 magazine gets Savage’s 2 cents on ‘future of sex.’
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Fake but Accurate? Film Offers Sympathetic Take on Rather’s ‘Memogate’

Robert Redford to play Dan Rather in adaption of Mary Mapes’ book.
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Natalie Portman to Star in Ruth Bader Ginsburg Feminist Biopic

Hollywood’s mushy take on liberal icons is just plain embarrassing …
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Billboard Music Awards: Carrie Underwood Wins ‘Top Christian Song’

Christian country singer proves faith has an audience.
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USA Today: Redskins Should Never Joke about Pale Faces

Pro tip: don't joke in earshot of sanctimonious sports writers.
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‘Soft Censorship’ Decried in Climate Science Fight Down Under

Australian University bullied by climate alarmists into dropping new department, Inside Higher Ed says.
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