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WaPo: A Woman won the 1976 Men’s Decathlon

Post article advocates for full memory scrub for Jenner.
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Ebony Editor: Being ‘Bus Driver’, or ‘Black Person’ ‘More Dangerous" than Being a Cop

Larry Wilmore roundtable guests make ridiculous assertions about police brutality.
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National Geographic Asks ‘Is Religion Harmful Superstition?’

Guess what the answer is ...
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Media Support Muslim Cleric’s Soda Discrimination Claim; Ignore Radical Ties

Media quick to report alleged discrimination, reluctant to give full story.
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Lefty HuffPo: ‘Serious People’ Agree Major Obamacare Hikes Possible

Insurers reportedly push for higher premiums as young, healthy individuals fail to enroll.
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Neil Young’s New Song Attacks Starbucks for GMO Use

Environmental artist perpetuates false information with upcoming album.
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Make way for Grey: 50 Shades from the Perv’s Perspective

‘As anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story.’
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‘Grace and Frankie’ Casts Sheen, Waterston as Homo-Septuagenarians

Netflix ‘comedy’ about divorce, infidelity and homosexuality.
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High-Schools Partner with Planned Parenthood to Paint ‘Care’ Mural

Media praise abortion mill’s community involvement.
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‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Never Happened, But Networks Keep Using It

Major Hollywood shows like Scandal, Grammys help fan flames of racial protest.
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