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Liberal Journalists, Celebs Attack Rupert Murdoch’s Offer to Buy Time Warner

Worst attacks include jokes about Murdoch being the ‘date rapist of media barons,’ news site shares song parody about him dying.
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Terrorist Sympathizer Greenwald: American Media ‘Racist’ for Not Bashing Israel More

Lefty hack gives media ‘F’ grade for not highlighting Israeli ‘savagery.’
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Anti-Semitism ‘Back to 1938,’ Networks Don’t Notice

Violence, vandalism on rise; ABC, CBS ignore completely.
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Guardian: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Ignores ‘Joy of BDSM’ that ‘Nourishes the Soul’

>Writer complains ‘kink is still taboo’ even with ‘Fifty Shades.’
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Comedian Jimmy Fallon: Abortion Can Be ‘Lighthearted,’ ‘Funny’

‘Obvious Child’ Star Jenny Slate and Jimmy Fallon joke on 'The Tonight Show.’
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NBC Host: ‘Life in the Womb Much Busier Than You Might Expect’

NBC ‘Today’ Host Savannah Guthrie explores the ‘secret lives’ of babies.
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Couric Baits Justice Ginsburg: Could Male Justices ‘Truly Understand’ ‘What It’s Like To Be a Woman?’

Gender-based questions are a staple in former anchor’s liberal playbook. 
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NBC’s 13 Ways to Hype Sister Company’s Kinky ’Fifty Shades of Grey’

Networks, online outlets promote BDSM-glamorizing trailer.
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Networks That Ignored Bad GDP News, Eagerly Cover ‘Good News’

ABC, NBC skipped first quarter drop and downward revisions, but happy to report growth.
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Senate Report Ties Soros Group to 'Billionaire's Club' Dictating EPA Actions

Soros-founded Democracy Alliance influences EPA decisions, report says.
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