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China Not ‘Communist’ Says Author Naomi Klein on MSNBC

While touting her ‘Capitalism vs. The Climate’ book, Klein gets the facts wrong, again.
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Networks Cover Liberal Bestsellers 2-1 Over Conservative

Not even NYT bestseller status gets righty works a nod.
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UN Climate Summit Speakers FLY 1 Million Miles to Vilify Air Travel, Carbon Output

Those speaking at the UN Climate Summit 2014 traveled a grand total of 1,036,537 miles from locations as distant as China, India and Peru. That’s enough miles to circle the equator 41.6 times.
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Entertainment Tonight Asks Clinton: ‘Will It Feel Cool To Be in the White House Again?’

Nancy O’Dell decides, ‘It's time for a woman in the White House.’
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NBC, NPR Hype New Transgender Show on Amazon

Less than 1% of people identify as transgender yet fall TV is full of them.
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CBS Says ‘Madame Secretary’ Not Hillary; Media Aren’t Buying

The creators do protest too much.
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Gay Group List of ‘Extremist’ Christians Leads to Death Threats

Christian and conservative activists, pastors and writers targeted with murder threats.
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Anti-Semitic, Pro-Terror Opera to Premier in NY

9/11 Families and Jewish community are “outraged.”
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People’s Climate March Gets 4.5 Times as Much Network Attention as March for Life

Broadcast networks also ignore radical anti-capitalists, socialist backers and calls for ‘revolution’ at climate march.
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Climate Clowns: 7 Most Ridiculous UN Climate Forum Attendees

UN Private Sector Forum promises to come up with plans for ‘ambitious action.’
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