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Larry Wilmore Show Cheers Zimmerman Shooting

Attempted murder is comedy for the race-baiting Comedy Central host.
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UVA Dean Sues ‘Rolling Stone’ for $7.85 Million for Gang-Rape Story

Rolling Stone’s story isn’t over.
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Dan Savage-Inspired ‘Real O’Neals’ Just as Anti-Catholic as You Imagined

Trailer full of tired anti-Catholic, anti-traditional family gags.
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The Horror: Jessica Valenti Terrorized on Subway by ‘Passively Sexist’ Twitter Feed

Nosy feminist + mass transit Twitter use = ‘Dumbest tweet of the year.’  
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Larry Wilmore: ‘Muslim’ Is the New ‘Black,’ ‘Gay’

Colbert replacement builds straw men.
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Soros Backs New ‘Progressive Agenda’ With $159 Million

Left’s new ‘Contract with America’ is backed by at least $159 Million from George Soros.
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Pro-Choice Actresses Celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrities supporting abortion, Planned Parenthood celebrate life.
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Marc Lamont Hill: Terror Attacks Not ‘Islamic Issue’ – ‘Some are Christians’

Christians, Police are terrorists according to frequent CNN commentator.
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The Guardian Engages in Climate Activism, Ignores Journalism Ethics

British paper promotes its own campaign demanding Gates Foundation divest from fossil fuels.
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Bill Nye Compares Combating Climate Change to Winning World War II

‘Science Guy’ says regulations needed to ‘get people on board’ to stop global warming.
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