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Chevron Attacker Still the Hero in Rolling Stone Hit Job

Liberal ‘journalist’ glosses over ghostwritten scientific reports, court rulings, RICO case and bribery to blast oil company.
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Veterans Recall: Chaplain Sacrificed Life for Fellow Marines

Fr. Vincent Capodanno died serving U.S. Marines in Vietnam.
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‘Fox & Friends’ Calls Salon’s Attack on U.S. Military ‘Despicable’

Vile op-ed draws anger from viewers, hosts.
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Stevie Wonder Pushes Politics at Madison Square Garden Concert

From the ‘Shut Up and Sing’ File ...
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Class: Nicki Minaj Putts into a Butt for ‘Tribute to Scotland’

Low-brow meets ‘Royal and Ancient.’
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Colbert: Climate Deniers Don’t Know ‘What the F***’ They’re Talking About

Comedian says Sen. Inhofe and other skeptics ‘completely lack any understanding of science’.
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Hip Hop Star Slams Abortion at Michelle Obama Event

Singer points to song in saving babies from abortion.
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Midterm Bitter: ‘Raising Hope’ Star Goes Chicken Little on Twitter

Celebrity lib not raising much hope post-election.
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84-Year-Old Woman Visits Strangers at the Hospital ‘Everday’

Hasn’t missed a day in 10 year.
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