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Daily Beast: St. Joan of Arc Was a Transgender

The Daily Beast’s Michaelson rewrites history to attack traditional Christianity.
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ABC, NBC Reluctant to Name Nigerian Kidnappers as Muslim

CBS rightly calls Boko Haram Islamist 70 percent of time.
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‘The Five’s’ Gutfeld Calls out Media on School Shooting Stat

No retraction from ABC, NBC on grossly inflated shooting number.
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Survey: 80% of Dads Say Media Portrayals of Fatherhood Wrong

And some in the media agree.
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'Obvious Child' not About Abortion, Claims 1,700-Word Article on Abortion

Daily Beast praises abortion comedy while scolding Hollywood for not being pro-abortion enough.
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Book: Research is Clear – Dads Matter

Paul Raeburn says absence of fathers clearly linked to societal problems.
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‘Hands Off My Cheese!’ Libs Panic About Fate of Cheese, FDA Caves

NYT, HuffPo and Slate turn on big government when it threatens one of their favorite foods.
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NBC Puffs ‘One Big, Happy (Poly) Family’

Relationships redefined once again by big media.
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Believers and Nonbelievers to Hollywood: Stay with Bible or We Stay Home

Poll shows audiences value Biblical, historical accuracy.
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Foul: Anti-Redskins Ad to Run During NBA Finals

Apparently, free PR from lib sports writers isn’t enough.
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