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Times Uses Wikileaks to Discredit Guantanamo Bay

The Times lead on Monday continues the paper's criticism of Guantanamo Bay: "The murkiness of the secret intelligence - and the fact that interrogators gathered much of their information from the ...

Times "Ridicules" Pentagon Report Saying No Mistreatment at Gitmo

The Times can't accept the fact that Guantanamo Bay may not be inhumane: "...detainees' lawyers and human rights groups ridiculed the 85-page report that the official, Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, sent ...

Guantanamo Bay's "Seemingly Endless Supply of Embarrassments"

Jumping on remarks by a Pentagon official regarding Guantanamo Bay, reporter William Glaberson takes a broad view of "torture" and dismisses as "public relations" the idea that detainees released ...

Bin Laden Driver Hamdan's "Impish Sense of Humor"

How sad, how sweet: "The verdict in the first war crimes trial at Guant√°namo Bay, Cuba, is in: One poorly educated Yemeni, with an impish sense of humor and two little girls, is guilty of ...

Soft Treatment for Australia's Al Qaeda Detainee

Was Australian David Hicks, who pled guilty to providing material support to a terorrist organization, just "another Westerner in search of meaning"?
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