War on Women

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Dishonest Abortion Activists Attack Hobby Lobby at SCOTUS

Protestors rally behind ‘War on Women’ lie.

Panic at New York Times? Two Lead Editorials Tar Romney as Sexist and Radical

The easily frightened liberals on the New York Times editorial board fancied they heard '50s-style sexism in an utterly reasonable observation made by Mitt Romney during the second debate about ...
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Bad Pick-Up Lines

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CBS's Nancy Giles Insists There is a GOP 'War on Women'

Appearing as a panel member on the Saturday, July 21, Melissa Harris-Perry show on MSNBC, liberal CBS contributor Nancy Giles complained about Republican efforts to discourage abortion, and ...
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NYT's Jodi Kantor, Hagiographer of Michelle Obama, Sees Validity in Dems' 'War on Women' Slogan

Jodi Kantor sees validity in the Dems' "War on Women" slogan in an exchange on lefty MSNBC: "...it sort of seems like a Democratic strategist's dream, right? Like they were sitting in a room ...
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NBC's Gregory Parrots Dem Talking Points to McCain: Is There a GOP 'War on Women'?

While interviewing Arizona Senator John McCain on Sunday's Meet the Press, host David Gregory took a line from the Democratic script as he wondered: "Are you concerned at all to see a focus ...
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NYT Poll Blows Away Slanted Assumptions of NYT Reporters: Social Conservatism Not Hurting GOP With Women

The New York Times focused on the "treacherous political ground" occupied by President Obama as the election draws closer, while proving wrong pro-Obama assumptions made in recent stories by ...
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