'Yay for Gay' iPad Kids' Book 'Teaches Open-mindedness'

Childrens book allows toddler to shake iPad, change gender and sexual orientation of parents.

Hollywood Celebrities Perform Fake PSA Encouraging Casual Sex Facebook Status

"Friends with Benefits" movie stars petition Facebook to adopt film title as legitimate relationship status

CNN Gives Maher Platform to Accuse GOP Candidates of 'Horrible Society-Killing Ideas,' Call Cheney 'More Psychotic' Than Weiner

The night after CNN's debate with seven Republican presidential candidates, Anderson Cooper brought aboard left-wing "comedian" Bill Maher to ridicule them. Asked if he "had to vote" for one of ...

Hollywood's Shocking Truth

Celebrities Boost Their Fame through Shock Factor

FNC's Fox News Watch Highlights Cal Thomas Earning MRC's 'Excellence in Journalism Award'

With "Cal's High Honor" as the on-screen tag, the Fox News Channel on Saturday highlighted video of Fox News Watch panelist Cal Thomas receiving the Media Research Center's "William F. Buckley Jr. ...

On Letterman, Maher Charges Racist 'Tea-Baggers' Are 'Corporate America's Useful Idiots,' CBS Expunges Vile Term

Regurgitating the same kind of derogatory comments he regularly spews on his Friday night HBO show, Bill Maher showed up Monday night on the Late Show with David Letterman where CBS, unlike HBO, ...

Video: Opening Segment from Hannity's 'Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media'

On Friday night, the Fox News Channel debuted a Hannity special, 'Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media.' The hour began with what Sean Hannity described as "how and why this bias began," ...

Rebecca Black... On Second Thought

"Friday" may be just the gift parents and conservatives didnt realize they had received.

20-to-1: Networks Go Crazy over Sheen Story, Downplay Planned Parenthood Scandal

ABC, NBC, CBS report every sordid detail about troubled actor, ignore complaints against abortion provider.

Arguing with Rand Paul, Letterman Urges Tax Hike to Pay Wisconsin Workers and Displays Ignorance of Tax Burdens

Catching up with a Thursday night appearance by Senator Rand Paul, Paul's segment on the Late Show exposed David Letterman as an arrogantly ill-informed ally of Wisconsin's public employee unions: ...
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