Rampell Wonders Where the Left-Wing Outrage Is Among Unemployed

Economics reporter Catherine Rampell: "And where, if anywhere, is the outrage?...Unlike the hard-pressed in, say, Greece or Spain, the jobless in America seem, well, subdued. The old fire has gone ...

'Lousy:' June Jobs Rise Only 18,000, Unemployment Rate Up to 9.2%

CNBC reacts to fewest jobs added in 8 months, actual data 'well below expectations.'

Times Headlines Romney's Jobless Joke, Ignored Obama's 'Shovel-Ready' Crack, ATM Ignorance

Jeff Zeleny: "The references to Mr. Romney's own unemployment status added yet another humorous, but occasionally awkward, moment to his ever-growing catalog of off-the-cuff remarks that he makes ...

NBC's Curry: 'Disastrous' Not to Raise Debt Ceiling; Asks Obama if GOP is Just 'Bluffing'

In an interview with President Obama on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry fretted over Republican calls for spending cuts before raising the nation's debt limit: "Do you think they're ...

It's the Economy, Stupids!

Time for media, Obama and Congress to wake up and smell the gloom and doom.

Obama Ignores Unemployment Rise to 9.1%, Job Gains of only 54,000

ABC's Jake Tapper notices president's 'non-acknowledgment' of June 3 jobs report.

CNBC's Santelli Right, 'Experts' Wrong; Unemployment Spikes to 9.1%

Disappointing May jobs report shows only 54,000 jobs added, despite media claims that prosperity just around the corner.

CBS Complains Obama 'Saddled' By 'Stubbornly Sluggish Economy'

On Friday's Early Show, before the new 9.1% unemployment figure came out, CBS's Dean Reynolds bewailed how President Obama is being "saddled" by the "stubbornly sluggish economy." Reynolds played ...

CNN's Costello Dedicates Whole Segment to Defending Obama from the Left

While President Obama has been hit by black leftists for failing to help unemployed African-Americans, CNN anchor Carol Costello offered an impassioned defense of the president Friday morning, ...

April Unemployment Back Up to 9%; 27th Month Above 8%

Despite 244,000 jobs gained in April, national unemployment rate has been higher than promised since February 2009.
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