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Job Figures Give Obama 'Head of Steam,' Says Reporter Who Once Saw Good Side of Job Loss

Shaila Dewan sees a "head of steam" for Obama in the latest 8.5% unemployment figure, enough "to cheer President Obama as he enters an election year." Does this mean Dewan will no longer ask, as ...

NYT Headline Sees 'Boost for White House' in Latest Job Figure, But; WP Noted 'Many Quit Seeking Work'

Catherine Rampell on the latest underwhelming employment figures: "That looks like good news for President Obama as he heads into the 2012 presidential election - especially since just a few ...

Stevenson Makes 'Nuanced' Defense of Obama's 2009 Prediction of 6.5% Unemployment

Richard Stevenson: "...there's a persuasive case that the report actually did not get it all that wrong....Despite repeated Republican claims to the contrary, the stimulus bill created at least ...

Jobs Grow by 103,000, But Obama Still 6.2 Million Jobs from Promise

September shows job gains, unchanged 9.1% unemployment rate

Awful Unemployment Rate Left Out of More Than 3/4 of Job Stories

Network evening shows talk about employment woes, but rarely mention 9.1 percent figure.

Calmes Ignores Hoffa's'Take These Son of a Bitches Out' Tea Party Attack at Obama Rally

Obama, still not to blame: "The president's Labor Day addresses trace the stubbornness of the crisis he inherited....a Democratic-controlled Congress had passed his two-year, $800 billion stimulus ...

ABC's Jobs Solution: 'Spend and Build,' a 'Stimulus Program as Big as the One That Was Launched in World War II'

In the midst of the failure of President Obama's "stimulus spending" program, ABC on Friday night asserted the solution to the devastating report, of zero jobs created in August, is...more ...

Of Mice & Media

Obamas jobs ideas show hes toying with us.

NBC's Lauer Blames Continuing High Unemployment on Employer 'Discrimination'

On Wednesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer teased an upcoming segment on unemployment by fretting: "And just ahead, help not wanted. If you're one of the 14 million Americans looking for work, ...

CBS's Pelley Chafes: 'Only Budget Cuts and No Relief for Those Suffering in This Economy'

Framing a shortcoming in the debt deal as a liberal would and does, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley on Tuesday night regretted the how "the last time the President and the Congress ...
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