James McKinley Jr. Leads the Cheers for Texas Gov. Candidate Against GOP's Rick Perry

McKinley shows his continuing faith in Democrat Bill White: "Yet recent polls suggest Texas has a horse race for the governor's office after all. The Democratic candidate, former Mayor Bill White ...

High School Textbooks Whitewash Islam, Criticize Christianity in Texas

Resolution claims books 'sanitize' definition of jihad, ignore history of Muslim violence.

Reporter Surprised at Lack of Gratitude in Texas for Obama-Care Handout

Really? Reporter Kevin Sack sounds surprised Texas officials aren't enthusiastic over Obama-care, since it would give Texans so much help: "The state's elected officials might be expected, ...

MSNBC's Chuck Todd Knocks Texas Conservatives for New Textbooks: 'Education by Wikipedia?'

MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Tuesday attacked new standards being adopted for history textbooks in Texas as "odd" and mocked that the state would now be teaching "education by Wikipedia." Evan Smith of ...

Hostile ABC and NBC Deride Texas Conservatives for 'Rewriting' and 'Whitewashing' History

ABC and NBC rushed to get stories onto the air Friday night delivering left-wing talking points against the new social studies curriculum guidelines passed by the Texas State Board of Education, ...

The Texas Textbook Massacre: 'Christian Conservative Voting Bloc' on the Attack

Michael Brick's update from Austin on the ideological fight over Texas textbooks follows the paper's usual pattern of pretending the only ideologues in the fight are "conservative," failing to ...

James McKinley, Texas Cheerleader for Democrats vs. 'Rightwing' Gov. Perry

In a bleak year for Democrats, James McKinley finds hope for Texas Democrat Bill White against sitting governor Rick Perry, who some say "has moved too far to the right."

Vanity Fair Fears 'Texas Witch Trials' Will Erase the Civil Rights Movement from History Books

Henry Rollins warns of a 'return to the dim-bulb cruelty and religious fascism' of the past.

Boy, Those 'Far Right' Texas Candidates Sure Are 'Hard-Line' and 'Divisive'

Reporter James McKinley Jr. wonders if the Republican candidates for Texas governor can get any more right wing than they already are: "Some days it is hard to be a neophyte far-right candidate in ...

Texas' Colt McCoy: 'I Always Give God the Glory

Longhorn quarterback expresses his Christian faith after a disappointing loss.
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