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Reporter Wonders if Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Film Will Have Any Effect in Texas

Reporter from Soros-funded NPR StateImpact confuses fact and Hollywood fiction.
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TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Rivalry: Evil Oil vs. Alternative Energy

New Generation of Ewings pits wildcatter John Ross against ‘alternatives are the future’ Christopher.
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Easter ‘GCB’ Shills for Porn in Christian Marriages

Sunday is the Christian day of rest, “GCB” certainly didn’t. ABC pulled out all the stops in their Easter Sunday, two-hour episode titled “Turn the Other Cheek/Sex is Devine,” with the majority ...
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NYT Rushes to Texas Planned Parenthood's Aid in Front-Page Story

The New York Times runs to Planned Parenthood's front-page defense in Texas against the budget-slashing, anti-choice state legislature: "But the clinic closed in October, along with more than a ...
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‘GCB’ - Desperately Un-Christian Housewives

In just over 40 minutes ABC managed to degrade Christianity 30 times in its sex-and-sin filled pilot episode of “GCB,” which is anything but Christian.  
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Pro-Regulation Times Laments 'Bureaucratic Nightmare'...When It Involves a Pro-Life Law

Reporter Emily Ramshaw sympathizes with abortion clinic owners about new Texas laws requiring state abortion clinics to show a mother seeking an abortion a sonogram of her baby - or as Ramshaw ...

Keller Blames Global Warming, Texas Libertarianism for Wildfire Devastation

Former Executive Editor Bill Keller used an Obama-minted talking point to make a political statement about the tragic wildfires in Texas: "Actually there is a more immediately consequential link ...

Times Already Predicting Racist Camp Name Will Hurt Rick Perry

"The campaign of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas found itself on the defensive on Sunday over a report that he had hunted at and taken guests to a West Texas camp with a racially charged name that his ...

Two Gov. Perry Stories Feature Texas-Sized Condescension and Hostility

In the Times' official welcome to the campaign profile, Deborah Sontag passes along hostile anti-Perry gossip: "Mr. Perry wrote in his book that his great-great-grandfather was county judge and ...

Stingy Perry 'Cemented' Texas's Status as Health Care Pariah State

Kevin Sack: "Mr. Perry, by contrast, eschewed direct efforts to expand coverage in Texas and cemented its status as the state with the highest rate of people without insurance....After Mr. Perry's ...
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