Paul Krugman: Conservative Media Laying Ground for Next Terror Attack?

Paul Krugman lifts more left-wing talking points, defending the notorious Dept. of Homeland Security report that smeared conservatives as potential terrorists, and warning that Rush Limbaugh and ...

MSNBC Anchor Defends Network's Obsession With Rush Limbaugh

On Thursday, MSNBC's Tamron Hall attempted justify to her network's obsessive coverage of talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh: "We have a right to cover people who are speaking out...Many people listen ...

Chris Cuomo: Link Terror to Israeli/Palestinian Fight and Americans Might 'Understand' It

On location with Barack Obama in the Middle East, ABC's Chris Cuomo Thursday condescendingly suggested to the son of Egypt's President that if Americans "understood the link to the ...

Ludicrous for Berlusconi to Win Nobel Peace Prize, but OK for Arafat?

The Times mocks a push for Italy's center-right prime minister to win the Nobel Peace Prize - but didn't make a fuss when terrorist Yassir Arafat shared the Nobel in 1994.

Fox News Picks Up on NYT's Bias by Omission on Muslim Bomb Plot

Fox News Channel host Jon Scott on a foiled plot to bomb two synagogues in New York City: "Why did the New York Times decide to shy away from mentioning the suspect's extreme Muslim beliefs?"

Times Still Denying the Obvious About Bronx Synagogue Bomb Plot

"The authorities have made no overt claim that the four suspects - James Cromitie, Onta Williams, David Williams IV and Laguerre Payen - hatched a plot in jail or that their experiences behind ...

PC NYT "Uncertain" About Religion of Synagogue-Bombing Plotters

The Times' front-page story on a foiled plot by four radical Muslim converts to blow up a Jewish synagogue displayed the paper's typical political correctness, taking great pains to avoid ...

NYT Live: "Overseas Bashing...Mr. Cheney Really Hates Europe."

Sniping at Cheney's remarks, but remaining silent over Obama - and strangely accusing the former vice president of hating Europe.

Times Trumpets Gitmo Prisoners Returning to Terror, But Excuses Obama

The Times leads with a leaked report showing "1 in 7 detainees" released from Guantanamo Bay rejoined the jihad - but reporter Elisabeth Bumiller still exercised some pro-Obama spin.

Hezbollah: Still Not Terrorist, Just a "Military...and Social Organization"

I feel safer already: Hezbollah's not a terrorist group, just "a military, political and social organization in Lebanon with strong ties to Iran, a bloc in Lebanon's Parliament and ministers in ...
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