Times Preens Over Publishing Stolen Cables, But Was Snooty Over Swiped Climate-Gate Email

Executive Editor Bill Keller on why the Times published confidential diplomatic cables obtained illegally by Wikileaks: "For The Times to ignore this material would be to deny its own readers the ...

Washington Post Columnist to Upset Air Travelers: 'Grow Up, America'

Calling the uproar over the new TSA screening procedures "overblown" in her November 24 column, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus praised the majority of Americans polled who are okay with the ...

Cenk Uygur Bizarrely Bellows: Ghailani Trial Shows 'Our Justice System Worked'

While most of the country took a collective gasp over the verdict in the trial of al-Qaeda terrorist Ahmed Ghailani, Cenk Uygur spun the disconcerting outcome as a success story for the Obama ...

Far-Left Center for Constitutional Rights Promoted to 'Human Rights Group' Once Again

The Times labeling philosophy is out of whack, as far-left group working on behalf of Yemeni terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki is called a "human rights group."

YouTube Jihad: American Terror Imam Reaching Muslim Youth Online

Sermons calling for jihad can be found on social networking sites.

WaPo Frets 'Hostility' Could Radicalize Young Muslims

One-sided article worries how college students react to over-blown backlash.

Anti-Mosque Protesters Guilty of Fomenting Muslim Extremism, Says the NYT

Scott Shane raises the stakes, accusing Newt Gingrich and others of fomenting radicalism overseas by their opposition to the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero.

Times Faults Rick Lazio for Mosque Opposition, Downplays Firefighter Protests

The Times suggested Republican Rick Lazio was doing something unseemly in his popular opposition to the mosque at Ground Zero, and downplayed firefighter opposition to the mosque at a Ground Zero ...

Ad in Foreign Policy Magazine Praises Palestinian Terrorists

Group calls for radical restructuring of 'Nazi-state' Israel's border.

Far-Left Terrorist Helpers Just 'Human Rights Lawyers' at the NYT

Charlie Savage again finds benign terms to describe the far-left outfit Center for Constitutional Rights in its quest to assist alleged Christmas airline bombing plotter Anwar al-Awlaki.
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