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Amanpour Rues Lack of Appreciation for Obama's 'Amazing' Achievements, Then Slams 'Bizarre' & 'Fringe Quality' of GOP Candidates

Interviewing David Axelrod on Sunday's This Week, Christiane Amanpour asked him to explain why "people don't appreciate some of the amazing legislative agenda" that Barack Obama has ...

Misread and Misreported: Tea Party Activism Bullish for Economy

After nearly two years of Obamanomics and liberal incompetence, the markets are enjoying their tea.

Tea Parties Will Lead to 1964-Like Goldwater Debacle...No, Make that a 1972-Like McGovern Drubbing

On Wednesday, CBS's Bob Schieffer contended the rise of Tea Party candidates "is very much like 1964" when they went to the right "and they lost in a landslide." On Sunday morning, another liberal ...

Kudlow Calls Tea Parties Bullish for Economy: 'Don't Believe the Mainstream Media'

CNBC host says conservative wins in Republican primaries an indication that 'free-market capitalism is on the comeback trail.'

Overwhelmingly White Media Criticize Conservative Rallies as 'Overwhelmingly White'

Notoriously minority-deficient media criticize Tea Parties, other conservative gatherings for lack of diversity.

Brian Williams Treats Obama as Oracle of Wisdom, Wonders: 'How Are You Thinking About Your Job These Days?'

Interviewing President Obama in New Orleans on Sunday, Brian Williams treated Obama as a great oracle of wisdom to pluck. "Katrina was about so many things. It was about class and race and ...

CBS's Schieffer Hits Miller for 'Extreme Positions,' Ridicules GOP Field as 'Kind of an Exotic Crew'

Republicans are "exotic" and "extreme," and against science too, CBS's Bob Schieffer contended on Sunday's Face the Nation. "You have also taken some fairly controversial, some would say very ...

CBS to Black Beck Rally Attendees: 'I'm Noticing that There Aren't a Lot of Minorities Here Today'

CBS's Nancy Cordes saw a "nearly all-white crowd" at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, DC, as she (at least an off-camera female voice) demanded of two black women who weren't ...

Columnist Mark Shields Despairs George W. Bush Too Honorable to Use as Bogeyman

It will be "very difficult for Democrats to demonize" George W. Bush "again" during this campaign season, liberal nationally syndicated columnist Mark Shields despaired on Friday's Inside ...

On ABC and CBS, 'Conservative' Beck and Allies Countered by 'Civil Rights Leaders'

"Followers of conservative radio and TV host Glenn Beck already gathering in the capital," Erica Hill teased at the top of the CBS Evening News. She announced: "Followers of conservative talk show ...
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