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NYT Friedman's Hypocrisy on 'Far Right' Dangerously Delegitimizing Obama

Making a truly odious comparison, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman claimed parallels between the behavior of anti-Obama protestors (who have been quite peaceful) to that of "extreme ...

NBC: 'Blunt' Carter 'Prompted Us to Reexamine Our Assumptions About Race'

An evening after trumpeting President Jimmy Carter's racism charge, NBC led Wednesday night with the "fallout" as Andrea Mitchell proposed that though "many thought" the "racial divisions" were ...

ABC: Obama Critics 'Driven By Refusal to Accept Black President'; NBC Trumpets Carter's Racism Charges

Tuesday night ABC and NBC joined efforts to undermine the tea parties by smearing them as racists. ABC framed a story around "Obama supporters are now saying" the opposition to him is "driven, in ...

Media Coverage of the 9/12 Protests: A Report Card

Liberal Nets Acknowledge News Value of Anti-Obama Rally, but Much of the Coverage Is Antagonistic

CNN's Situation Room Charges: 'Racial Tinge to Tea Movement'

CNN's efforts to smear Obama critics as racist gained visibility on Monday's Situation Room when the usually more sensible Wolf Blitzer, with "RACIAL TINGE TO TEA MOVEMENT" as the on-screen ...

CNN Zeroes-In on 'Dark Undercurrent' of Tea Parties

CNN's Jim Spellman did his best to paint the participants of the Tea Party Express's rallies across the nation as a bunch of extremists on Saturday's Newsroom. Spellman played clips which ...

Massive Conservative D.C. Protest Buried and Dismissed, But Smaller Liberal Rallies Hailed by NY Times

A conservative protest at the Capitol numbering in the tens of thousands was worth an unfavorable story on page 37 of Sunday's New York Times while a much smaller Obama rally got better placement, ...

Obama: Out of Frying Pan, Into the Fire

No matter how little media focus they get, president's tough times are getting tougher with nationwide 9-12 events

Still Bitter: White House Goes After Santelli Again, but Santelli Fires Back

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs call Santellis anti-housing bailout stance 'disingenuous and not based on the facts' nearly seven months late.

"Human Face" of Obama-Care Supporters vs. Protesters Targeting "Objects of Fury"

Katharine Seelye states that the goal of Obama-care supporters "is to put a human face on the need for the overhaul," while tea-party protesters are merely expanding their "objects of fury" to ...
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