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ABC Eagerly Promotes Obama Whopper But Disputes as ‘Mostly False’ an Accurate Romney Stat

Pathetic. That best describes David Muir’s shoddy reporting on Wednesday’s ABC World News in which he gleefully relayed an obviously ridiculous income tax rate for an office manager for a ...
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Networks Offer Skimpy Coverage of the President's Call for Higher Taxes, CBS Parrots Obama

The President on Tuesday made a major campaign offensive against his likely Republican opponent, but four out of the six network evening news and morning shows ignored it. Barack Obama's call ...
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Hayes Scolds Media for Shoddy Journalism on Buffett Rule: ‘Reporters Should Do Their Job’

“It’ll probably work politically,” The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes observed of President Obama’s “fairness”-based “Buffett Rule” tax hike quest, “but don’t reporters have a job to do ...
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Charlie Rose Asks Chuck Schumer About Tax Hikes Creating Jobs, Lets Senator Dodge Question

On Monday's CBS This Morning host Charlie Rose tossed Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) a softball on whether he believes higher taxes on millionaires would create jobs, but the senator only chose ...
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Losing the Keys to Prosperity

Here is a simple story any news media type could manage or a candidate like Governor Romney should be able to tell.
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CBS Enables NYC Mayor Bloomberg to Push for Gun Control

CBS This Morning on Thursday gave New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg a platform to boost his pro-gun control agenda. Anchors Erica Hill and Charlie Rose tossed softball questions at the ...
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CBS Boosts Democrats' Poster Bashing Paul Ryan Plan as Horror Movie

Charlie Rose surprised Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday's CBS This Morning by promoting the latest smear from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Rose displayed their fake horror-movie ...
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Fareed Zakaria to Grover Norquist: 'Aren't You to Blame' for Rising Debt?

Apparently, Grover Norquist and the Republican Party are to blame for the rising debt, according to CNN's Fareed Zakaria. In his Sunday interview with Norquist, Zakaria argued that the GOP ...
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CBS's Rose Boosts Liberal Talking Point About Rich Wanting to be Taxed More

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose promoted a talking point used by liberals, including President Obama, that Warren Buffett and other billionaires want their taxes raised. After ...

NBC's Brokaw: California's 'Aging Lion' Jerry Brown 'Has Not Given Up On Big Dreams'

In what amounted to a love letter to California's Democratic Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday's NBC Nightly News, special correspondent Tom Brokaw gushed: "It's not sunshine every day for the ...
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