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Supreme Court

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NBC's Gregory: 5-4 Against ObamaCare = 'Nightmare'; 5-4 for ObamaCare = 'Big Step' Away from 'Polarized' Court

Meet the Press host David Gregory displayed a stunning double standard throughout NBC's Thursday morning coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare. Prior to the decision, he warned ...
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Justice Scalia 'Went Too Far' Talking Immigration, but Ginburg's Liberal Rants Were Welcomed

Ethan Bronner says conservative, "politically incorrect" Justice Antonin Scalia "went too far" after criticizing President Obama’s decision not to deport many illegal immigrants. Yet the paper ...
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Matthews Slimes: John Roberts Doesn't Want to Be Like Slave Judge Behind Dred Scott

According to liberal MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts being the fifth vote to strike down Obamacare would make him the "second Roger Taney," the ...
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NYT's Gail Collins in 'Fetal Position' Over Possible Obama-Care Rejection

Columnist Gail Collins: "Don’t remember the location but I do remember that I was typing while curled on the floor in a fetal position. Once again, I’m in a hotel. This one’s in Houston, where ...
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NBC Cites Illegal Immigrant Activist to Label Court Ruling 'Threatening'

Fretting over the Supreme Court upholding a portion of Arizona's immigration law, on Monday's NBC Nightly News correspondent Mike Taibbi declared: "[Leticia Ramirez] and her husband have been in ...
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Ignorance, GOP Falsehoods on Obama-Care Doomed the Measure, NYTimes Reporters Claim

If only the GOP would stop lying about Obama-Care: "By summer 2009, with the country still stunned by economic crisis and Republicans falsely raising the specter of death panels, some ...
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NBC's Todd: Obama 'Pretty Happy' With Immigration Decision That Will 'Alienate' Hispanics from GOP

Appearing on Monday's NBC Nightly News, chief White House correspondent spun the Supreme Court's decision on Arizona's immigration law as exactly what the Democrats wanted: "Well, in crass ...
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'Angry' Conservatives Abound in World of NYT Reporter Michael Shear

Obama-Care opponents will get angry if the law is upheld, but liberal groups apparently won't if it's overturned. Michael Shear: "Opponents of the law are expecting to offer an outpouring of ...
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CBS's O'Donnell: Court Striking Down ObamaCare 'Might Be Better for the President'

On Sunday's Face The Nation, Norah O'Donnell desperately tried to find a silver lining for President Obama if the Supreme Court ends up striking down his health care law. While her fellow ...
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How Would a Consistent News Media Cover a Supreme Court Ruling Against ObamaCare?

How the media might cover a Supreme Court ruling tossing out ObamaCare remains to be seen, but the MRC studied how the networks covered multiple Court rulings tossing out key elements of George W. ...
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