The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010

Journalists' tall tales included praising GM for 'keeping faith' with taxpayers, comparing soda to cocaine, and attacking the Chamber of Commerce over baseless 'foreign money' claims.

Obama the Tax Cutter: A Network Fairy Tale

Despite Obama's tax hikes and campaign against 'tax cuts' for the wealthy, broadcast evening news shows portray president as taxcutters' champion.

CBS's Jarvis Laments Lack of 'Political Will' for More Stimulus, Cheers Government Intervention in Economy

Appearing on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis expressed disappointment in the lack of a new stimulus package, but hoped for other government action: "...while the ...

Jackie Calmes Won't Grade Obama on Economy: 'It's Too Early to Say...'

Washington reporter Jackie Calmes grades the Obama administration on a very generous curve: "...most economists who aren't partisan think we will avoid a double-dip recession, but, and that the ...

As Economy Stumbles, Obama's Economic Team Quits

Three out of the four media favorites have resigned since June.

Another Obama Press Release: 'With Part of Stimulus Act Expiring, Thousands Face Losing New Jobs'

Reporter Michael Cooper found no one to criticize an "effective" Obama-administration make-work program that paid the salaries of unemployed people for government and private-sector jobs: "Tens of ...

Santelli 'Very Happy' to Have Been Tea Party 'Spark'

HuffPo notes newspaper interview in which CNBC reporter calls his famous tea party rant 'best five minutes of my life.'

Savannah Guthrie's Soak-the-Rich Obsession: Higher Taxes Only Means of Lowering Deficits

'The Daily Rundown' co-host exhibits pattern of behavior by arguing that not raising taxes is 'deficit spending.'

ABC Champions White House's 'Greatest Hits of the Stimulus Program,' Sawyer Trumpets 'We Have the List!'

ABC whored itself out Thursday night to an effort by the White House to prove its "stimulus" spending created a lot of jobs. "Still ahead on World News," an easily impressed Diane Sawyer hyped, ...
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