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ABC's Amanpour: Conservative 'Gang' Were 'Frog-Marching' U.S. to War with Iraq

On Thursday's The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, ABC's Christiane Amanpour characterized conservatives as several years ago "frog-marching" the U.S. to war in Iraq as she discussed the ...

NBC's Ted Koppel Talks to 'Leading Authority' Stephen Colbert About Super-PAC 'Lethal Weapons'

At the top of Monday's Rock Center on NBC, host Brian Williams lamented the "avalanche of attack ads this political season" and warned: "'s only just starting thanks to the U.S. Supreme ...

CBS Boosts Colbert's 'Mitt the Ripper' Anti-Super PAC Campaign

Dean Reynolds filed a glowing report on Tuesday's CBS This Morning promoting comedian Stephen Colbert's mock campaign against super PACs. Reynolds led the segment by stating, "Before we say that a ...

NBC's 'Today' Touts Colbert Spoof Calling Mitt Romney a Serial Killer

At the top of the 8 a.m. ET hour of NBC's Today on Monday, fill-in news anchor Tamron Hall promoted a fake campaign attack ad created by comedian Stephen Colbert which argues that if Mitt Romney ...

'Right-Wing Blowhard' Bill O'Reilly Featured in Sunday Magazine Cover Story on Colbert

From the Times Sunday Magazine cover story profile of Comedy Central political parodist Stephen Colbert: "Though Colbert doesn't much resemble [Fox host Bill] O'Reilly physically, the persona has ...

Stephen Colbert Slams MRC's Brent Bozell in Montage Mocking Use of Waterboarding in UBL Killing

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, on Tuesday's Colbert Report, featured MRC President L. Brent Bozell in his "The Word" segment that ridiculed those who credit enhanced interrogation or ...

CBS: Stewart/Colbert Rally 'Touched Anti-Anger Nerve,' Called for 'Less Name-Calling'

On Saturday's CBS Early Show, correspondent Wyatt Andrews previewed the Washington DC 'Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear,' organized by comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: "Almost all of ...

HuffPo AstroTurf? Arianna Offers Busing From NYC to DC for Stewart-Colbert Rally

Huffington Post editor and creator announces transportation for Comedy Central hosts' Oct. 30 'Rally to Restore Sanity.'

Colbert To Meghan McCain, 'You're More Liberal Than President Obama!'

McCain continues to push Republicans to be more liberal on social issues.

Colbert Shreds Sunday School

Christmas is coming. Time to besmirch the holiday.
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