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State of the Union

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MSNBC's Wolffe: Tea Partiers Want Someone to Be 'Annoying and Inflammatory'

Appearing on Wednesday's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Executive Editor Richard Wolffe asserted that Tea Partiers want someone to "be annoying and inflammatory" in responding to ...
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Taking a Sip of Water = The End of Marco Rubio?

The liberal media slash at Senator Marco Rubio for his response to President Obama's State of the Union, with MSNBC deriding it as "claws out" and "primitive," even as CNN and NBC mocked how Rubio ...
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More New York Times Happy Talk on Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Barack Obama simply can do no wrong. Reporter Ashley Parker: "As senators gathered Wednesday for the first hearing on the proposed sweeping changes in immigration law, they said the president’s ...
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Networks Continue To Wallow in Rubio Water Bottle

Morning and Evening shows of all three networks devote time to water bottle
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ABC Uniquely Highlights Barack Obama's 'Betrayal' of Fort Hood Victims

ABC's Nightline on Tuesday night uniquely highlighted the "betrayal" of Fort Hood victims by Barack Obama, exposing how the President "used" survivors as props for the 2010 State of the Union ...
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Clueless Chris Matthews on State of the Union: 'There's Nothing Lefty in Here; What's the Left-Wing Part?'

What world does Chris Matthews live in? The MSNBC anchor on Wednesday saw nothing liberal in Barack Obama's State of the Union. Talking to Chuck Todd, the Hardball anchor puzzled, "There's nothing ...
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Mark Landler Bids Adieu to Imaginary 'Era of Single-Minded Deficit-Cutting' in New York Times

There was an era of "single-minded deficit-cutting?" When? NYT's Mark Landler: "Mr. Obama also signaled, however, that the era of single-minded deficit-cutting should end. He noted that the ...
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Chris Matthews Bashes Rubio's Response to State of the Union As ‘Primitive’

Once again, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews showed his over-eager liberal partisanship and Obama puffery following Marco Rubio’s response to the State of the Union on February 13. Speaking on Tuesday night ...
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CBS Pummels Rubio on Gun Control, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

On Wednesday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose lived up to their reputation for hammering Republican/conservative guests, as they interviewed Republican Senator Marco Rubio. ...
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NYT: Stevenson Bizarrely Hits U.S. 'Spending Cut' Obsession, Defends Moderate Obama from 'Extreme' Conservatives

Richard Stevenson was dismissive of "the conservative mantra that nearly all problems can be traced back to excess government" and criticized Obama's "more extreme conservative critics" for ...
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