ABC's Sawyer Makes Time to Tout: 'You Heard It Here First, the President Is Going with Kansas!'

Diane Sawyer allocated all but 1:37 of World News to Japan on Wednesday night, committing 33 seconds of that limited time to touting President Obama's NCAA basketball picks provided to ABC ...

CNN Blog: Christian Athletes 'Pious,' Attention-Seekers

Contributer John Blake criticizes athletes who praise God during sporting events

HBO Sports Documentary Blames Reagan for Racial Tension that Scarred Larry Bird

Catching up with an HBO sports documentary which ran several times in March: 'Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals,' painted Boston Celtics basketball star Larry Bird as the victim of a racist ...

Competitors See FNC's Baier as 'Contentious' with Obama While ABC Devotes Full Story to Obama's NCAA Picks

CBS and NBC, which have delivered very friendly interviews with President Barack Obama (link below the jump to examples), on Wednesday night characterized Bret Baier's sit-down with Obama for the ...

NBC News Notes Malfunctioning 'Environmentally Friendly' Machines Frustrate Olympics

In a Tuesday NBC Nightly News story, reporter Ron Mott actually acknowledged that the decision to use "environmentally friendly" ice resurfacing machines "that kept breaking down" had led to ...

Flashback, Gumbel: Lack of Blacks Makes Winter Olympics 'Look Like GOP Convention'

On the eve of the Winter Olympics four years ago, Bryant Gumbel couldn't resist taking a racial shot at the Republican Party in a commentary at the end of his Real Sports magazine show on HBO: ...

NBC Showcases Martin Short Championing How Being 'Progressive' Makes Canada 'Very Hip'

People around the world view Canada as "very hip" because of its "progressive" health care and environmental policies, actor/impersonator Martin Short contended in a soundbite featured in a ...

Secular Left Cries Foul on Religion in Sports

From Brit Hume and Tiger Woods to Tim Tebow and scripture, liberals don't get sports and Christianity. But they sure are offended by it.

Texas' Colt McCoy: 'I Always Give God the Glory

Longhorn quarterback expresses his Christian faith after a disappointing loss.

Tiger Tales: Networks Overlook Athletes as Role Models Angle

Coverage of Woods scandal focused largely on the impact to his endorsements and image.
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