CBS's Schieffer: Obama Sounds Like Reagan on Deficit Reduction While GOP Wants to Cut Cancer Research

Talking to New York Senator Chuck Schumer on Sunday's Face the Nation, host Bob Schieffer said of a video statement released by President Obama on Saturday: "If I didn't know better and had my ...
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Debt Ceiling

Health Care Cost Estimates Challenged, But Media Skip Criticism of 'Non-Partisan' Agency

Congressional Budget Office figures challenged only 16 percent of the time, despite former CBO director's claims of 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' accounting.

Jackie Calmes Tosses Cold Water on 'Deep' Spending Cuts

Washington-based reporter Jackie Calmes says the "deep" spending reductions proposed by conservatives could threaten the economy's recovery while "carrying substantial political and economic risks."

The Top 10 Economic Myths of 2010

Journalists' tall tales included praising GM for 'keeping faith' with taxpayers, comparing soda to cocaine, and attacking the Chamber of Commerce over baseless 'foreign money' claims.

CNN: Keeping Current Tax Rates is Increasing Government Spending

On Tuesday's Newsroom, CNN tried to spin the proposed compromise between President Obama and congressional Republicans to keep the current tax rates as a "package that increases spending ...

Despite GOP Sweep, Liberals Make Tax, Spending Decisions in Lame Duck Session

Mountain of legislation awaits Congress; taxes, unemployment, Medicare and more may be addressed.

CBS's Smith: How Can Government 'Unleash the Economy And Not Spend Any Money'?

On Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith saw Republican goals to limit government spending as antithetical to improving the economy: "How do you unleash the economy and not spend any ...

Santelli Urges Focus, Debate over Policy, Instead of Tea Party

CNBC reporter criticizes deficit commission, says country needs 'spending commission.'

David Herszenhorn Warns 'How Much Worse' Things May Get If Brit-Style 'Budget Guillotine Falls Here'

Reporter David Herszenhorn reveals his big-government mindset, seeing only the bad side of potential budget cuts: "And for Americans still furious over the weak economic recovery, the obvious ...
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