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With a Straight Face, Matthews Spins: It's a 'Fact' That Obama Is Not a 'Reckless Spender'

Chris Matthews managed to keep a straight face, Wednesday, when he seriously repeated the "fact" that Barack Obama is "not" a "reckless spender." Highlighting a seriously flawed analysis by ...
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NYT's Krugman Gets CBS Platform to Bash Austerity, Call For More Spending

Paul Krugman: "The right thing is, actually, to spend more. Right now, you know, we have a long-term budget problem, but now is not the time to be slashing. Now is not the time to be laying ...

Not Even 'Angry Conservatives' Likes 'Watching Grass Wilt' Because Of State Cuts

More Texas liberalism in the "news" section: "The hypothesis here - and an election is a fast way to test it - is that even conservatives want government to function. Maybe they don't like the ...

Matthews Preposterously Claims Obama Added 'Only 13 People' to Federal Workforce [UPDATED: Matthews Re-Records Audio]

On Thursday's Hardball, Chris Matthews preposterously insisted that Barack Obama added "only 13" people to the federal workforce in 2009 and that the total number of individuals working for the ...

Networks Push for Infrastructure Spending, Ignore Cost and Danger of Federal Failures

ABC, CBS and NBC silent about mistakes that took lives during Hurricane Katrina, wasted countless tax dollars for years.

Awful Unemployment Rate Left Out of More Than 3/4 of Job Stories

Network evening shows talk about employment woes, but rarely mention 9.1 percent figure.

NYT's Appelbaum: 'Everything We Know About Economics' Says Govt. 'Should Be Getting Bigger Right Now'

Binyamin Appelbaum has the solution to economic malaise - even more federal spending: "And for governments, the real problem is that there's this tremendous political pressure to get smaller, and ...

Under Deal, Debt to Rise $12 Trillion and 95% of Network Stories Leave That Out

ABC, CBS and NBC reports complain about the severity of spending cuts, instead of explaining that government debt will continue to grow.
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