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Leader of Soros-Founded INET: Rich are Ready to Flee in Case of Uprising

Soros gave $100 million to INET, used it to host a conference to remake the global economy.
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Washington Post: Tea Party Supporters Primarily Rich, White Racists

Blog post written by professor tied to liberal billionaire George Soros
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Major Papers 15-1 against For-Profit Education

New York Times, USA Today, LA Times echo liberal attacks.
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Senate Report Ties Soros Group to 'Billionaire's Club' Dictating EPA Actions

Soros-founded Democracy Alliance influences EPA decisions, report says.
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Networks Cover Kochs 9 Times More Than Top Liberals

Media feed into liberal Koch addiction by repeating Democrat talking points.
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On Boston Bombing Anniversary, CNN Analyst Says U.S. Right-Wing Extremists Kill More Than Jihadists

Soros-funded public policy group gets platform on network to link conservatives to terrorists
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Soros Boasts of Spending $100 Million on U.S. Immigration Reform Push

Abortion, Obamacare, gay rights get support from Immigration Reform Groups receiving Soros dollars.
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Liberal Billionaire Soros Joins Hillary Super PAC

First time left-wing funder accepts a formal position in a political campaign.
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Soros-Funded ProPublica Also Has Secret Snowden Documents

Reuters makes no mention of ‘independent’ organization’s liberal leanings.
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CNN Profiles Soros Positively

No mention of Soros funding the left $550 million.
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