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Soledad O'Brien

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Soledad O'Brien Spins Statement, Botches Facts About Romney's Jobs Record

CNN's Soledad O'Brien took Rudy Giuliani's words about Mitt Romney and spun them into a criticism of his jobs record, when in fact Giuliani had praised the candidate's resume on Sunday's State ...
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Soledad O'Brien Spins Romney's Words on Bain, Suggests He's Dodging the Questions

CNN's Soledad O'Brien spun Mitt Romney's words into a dodging-the-question moment for the candidate on the matter of Bain Capital, on Thursday's Starting Point. Specifically, she took ...
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Nothing to See Here: Soledad O'Brien Sidesteps Obama's Hypocrisy on Romney and Bain

CNN's Soledad O'Brien has carried water for President Obama before, and continued to do so Tuesday by largely ignoring Obama's blatant hypocrisy in his recent attacks against Mitt Romney. In ...
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Soledad O'Brien Grills, Interrupts, and 'Agrees to Disagree' With Tony Perkins on Gay Marriage

In a rather blatant show of a double standard on Thursday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien interrupted and grilled the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins over his opposition to ...
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Should Romney Issue Bigger Apology for 'Harrowing' Prep School Incident, Asks Soledad O'Brien

Contrary to the media's lack of coverage of President Obama's high school escapades, CNN's Soledad O'Brien promptly jumped on a "harrowing" Washington Post story featuring accusations of ...
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CNN Welcomes Mourdock to Senate Race: Aren't You Going to 'Undermine' American Unity If You Win?

After CNN's Erin Burnett lamented the defeat of "moderate" Dick Lugar in Indiana's GOP Senate primary, Wednesday's Starting Point panel had a cold welcome for the victorious Tea Party ...
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CNN's Soledad O'Brien Tries to 'Correct' Romney Aide, Says Economic Trend Favors Obama

CNN's Soledad O'Brien once again jumped to the defense of the Obama campaign, as she tried to argue on Monday that the economy is "trending" in the President's favor. She countered Romney aide ...
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CNN Flatters Obama's Sister, Praises Her 'Wonderful' New Book

Presidential siblings might normally receive soft interviews on television, but President Obama's half-sister Auma had the red carpet rolled out for her on Wednesday's Piers Morgan Tonight. ...
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CNN Hosts Debbie Wasserman Schultz, But Host Soledad O'Brien Tosses Softballs

Hosting the chair of the DNC on Tuesday's Starting Point, CNN's Soledad O'Brien could have grilled her about any number of relevant issues like gas prices, the GSA scandal, or President Obama ...
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Soledad O'Brien Tries (And Fails) to Debunk Romney's Women Job Loss Claim

CNN's Soledad O'Brien once again tried to fact-check numbers she took issue with, and once more she failed to refute them. On Monday's Starting Point she took aim at Mitt Romney's claim that ...
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