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NYTimes Reporter: US Should Back Up Pride in 'Family Values,' Require Paid Family Leave

No, not Papua New Guinea! Personal finance reporter Tara Siegel Bernard: "It is no secret that when it comes to paid parental leave, the United States is among the least generous in the world, ...
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Former Times Economics Reporter Mistrusts Free Market: "Health Care And Profits, A Poor Mix"

NYT's Eduardo Porter, who previously covered economics as a reporter for the paper, showed his mistrust of the market to provide vital services like adequate health care and pensions, ...
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NBC: Chavez Reelection 'An Emotional Moment in History' for Supporters

In Caracas reporting on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez winning an "unprecedented third term" for Monday's NBC Today, reporter Kerry Sanders seemed to be swept up in the excitement: "For ...
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Europe Sweeps

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'Devout Capitalist" and NYT Editor Bill Keller Defends ObamaCare Against GOP 'Lies'

Keller on the idea that Obamacare is a federal takeover of health insurance: "The word for that is 'lie.' The main thing the law does is deliver 30 million new customers to the private ...
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ObamaCare Unconstitutional? That's Crazy Talk!

Journalists scoff at the idea that the Supreme Court might find ObamaCare violates the Constitution, saying it's a "really weak" argument limited to only a "really hardcore" minority in the legal ...
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NYT Mag Writer Delights in 'Dizzy Exuberance' of London Rioters: Promotes Socialism, Annoying Subway Riders

And you thought it was just an office building! Novelist and socialist China Mieville writes the lead article in the London issue of the New York Times Sunday magazine: "The question is whether ...
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Networks Won't Admit Occupiers Want 'Socialist' Revolution

Marxism abounds at Wall Street protests, but ABC, CBS and NBC barely mention call for anti-capitalist revolt.

A Conservative Movie Initiative

Hollywood director/producer Ray Griggs has made a breezy and yet substantive documtary titled "I Want Your Money" that can educate young voters on the differences between Reaganomics and Obamanomics.

The New York Times' Randy Cohen: Ethicist, Columnist, Socialist?

New York Times ethics columnist Randy Cohen asks: " does it defame a person to call him a 'socialist' (outside of nutty far-right circles) - a set of ideas many advanced Western democracies ...
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